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Goals 2011

Posted on 2011.01.01 at 18:14
Be Happy in the Present Moment
Recheck each goal every Sunday: is it still something you want to do? Is it making you happy in the current moment: why/why not? Why have I achieved what I set out to do this week: why/why not? What can I do to improve next week?

Goals for Year:
  • Floss Everyday
  • Feel better about yourself physically through exercise and eating
  • Get Better at Piano

In January…
Floss Everyday
  • Floss in the morning
  • Buy extra floss to have a work (Better to floss twice than not at all)
  • Keep track on calendar upstairs and through Health Month
  • Goal for January: Floss at least 50% of the days
Lose Body Fat/Gain Muscle
  • Get tested for current level of body fat
  • Measure inches
  • Run 2X per week
  • Workout 3X per week for 10 minutes with Ryan on push-ups/sit-ups/squats
  • Keep track on calendar upstairs and through Health Month
  • Goal for January: Know the trend of inches
Get Better at Piano => Set specific goal with Rebecca
  • Play piano for 5 minutes every day when not on a trip
  • Goal for January: ?
One off goal: Go on friggin’ Bird Walk
One off goal: Meet Jared Polis
  • Walk to Boulder office to figure out when and where next meet and greet is.


Second 101 Goals in 1001 Days

Posted on 2010.03.02 at 11:24
With my new super exciting job at Graphic.ly starting up next Monday (March 8th, 2010) , it seemed like a perfect time to set some goals for the next couple years in another round of 101 goals in 1001 days.  Got some great stuff accomplished last time, and hope to do some great stuff this time.  Overall I am hoping that at the end of this period I can be in a job or profession that I truly enjoy; still be in a loving relationship with Ryan and hopefully be a bit more financially secure.  This first go-round of goals won't have absolutely everything in place for the above three macro-goals; as I am not sure what challenges they will face over the next couple of years.  So many of the goals there now will be truly for the next year and some real long term goals.

Started March 2nd 2010
Finish November 27, 2012 (woah where will I be then?)

Long Term Goals Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die
  1. Go to Egypt or if I cannot make it there, at least go back to London to see the Brit Museum and the Rosetta stone.
  2. Understand time
  3. Read the Bloom Theocratic List
  4. See freakin' Louvre
  5. Get a part with a name in a show
  6. Ride a motorcycle
  7. See the Aurora Borealis
  8. Get to have morphine again
  9. Write a book and actually try and get it published
  10. Read all of Dickens Major Fictional Works
Roll Over Goals Things I Have Not Accomplished in the Past That I Still Want to Meet
  1. Finish Colonial Lit American Lit Syllabus
  2. Finish Middle Ages English Lit Syllabus
  3. Play rugby a couple times
  4. Read alla Shakespeare
  5. Ride a helicopter
  6. Pay back Josh: read or listen to all of Wheel of Time
  7. Work through 5 books of written piano
  8. Run a 5K in less than 30 minutes
Plain ol' goals Stuff I Want to Accomplish
  1. Get through all of my audiobooks; at sometime have 0 to listen to
  2. Go on a Saturday Morning Bird Walk
  3. Get a Body Fat Analysis (bod pod, etc)
  4. Watch all movies and TV shows purchased in-house
  5. Read 100 books in-house 0/100
Goals for the year 2010 Mostly numbered Goals for This Year
  1. Call Grandmere every week 1/40
  2. Contact Amanda every week 1/40
  3. Write Amanda at least once per month include a picture 0/10
  4. Contact Dad every week 1/40
  5. Mother and Daughter Activity Once Per Month 0/10
  6. Ryan activity one weeknight per week 1/40
  7. Go to yoga twice a week 0/80
  8. Exercise 5X a week 0/200
  9. Piano 303 in 2010 54/303
  10. Post to LJ 3X per week 1/120
  11. Only pay to go out to eat twice per week 1/40
  12. Time Warp 3 issues or one item per week 1/40
Written goals: 34
Accomplished goals: 0/101


Helping Haiti helped me!

Posted on 2010.02.08 at 12:34


GO GO Tolstoy

Posted on 2010.02.05 at 13:29
From today's installment of Anna K:

"And besides, hard though it was for the mother to bear the dread of illness, the illnesses themselves, and the grief of seeing signs of evil propensities in her children--the children themselves were even now repaying her in small joys for her sufferings. Those joys were so small that they passed unnoticed, like gold in sand, and at bad moments she could see nothing but the pain, nothing but sand; but there were good moments too when she saw nothing but the joy, nothing but gold."


Amusing speech: worth a read

Posted on 2010.01.29 at 10:53
Also reminds me of my current struggles and to keep working through them: others have experienced the same thing.


Probably my favorite bit:

"But something happened last week. I had a pitch on Friday, and the day before, I went into my agency to rehearse it. It was my first time attempting this; I’d been up late working; I was exhausted; we had a lot of material and very little time to perfect it. When I finished my presentation and got a blustery response, something horrible happened in front of five men in suits: I cried.

It was a disaster. With those tears, I knew I’d personally let down Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Curie, Cleopatra, Grandma Moses, Sojourner Truth, Betty Friedan, and everyone in Josie and the Pussycats. Now that five men had seen me lose it, there would never be a female president.

Humiliated, using my iPhone as a tissue (and sadly there is no app for that)..."


Helping Haiti helped me!

Posted on 2010.01.29 at 10:36
10 cool points for identifying these childhood favs of mine.


Today's xkcd

Posted on 2010.01.29 at 10:03
Is a little like my life when I'm not truly in-action


Helping Haiti helped me!

Posted on 2010.01.21 at 09:18
I got this super cute Kitty and Illyana picture for donating to Doctors Without Borders: super win.

The above picture has a nerd rating of 8 on a 10 scale.


Sputnik at 5:30 with Shannon (BYOS)

Posted on 2009.12.29 at 14:57
Be there or be, um, trapazoidal.

Call/write if interested

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